1. 凡於100%LIFE網上商店消費,消費淨值每港幣1元,即可獲得1分獎賞積分,快遞費用除外。因應個別推廣活動,所獲得的獎賞積分會有所不同。
2. 積分以年度計算,該年度內所累積的積分有效期至該年度12月31日為止,期滿後將自動註銷。
3. 消費記錄及積分於發貨後發出並更新。
4. 積分不能轉讓及分拆,不同帳戶內的積分亦不可合併使用。
5. 所有已取消的交易或退款,因應該次購物而獲得的獎賞積分將會自動扣除,包括因指定推廣計劃而額外獲得之獎賞積分。
6. 所有積分以100%LIFE之系統記錄為準。100%LIFE恕不接納任何於交易後補領積分的要求。
7. 獎賞兌換一經確認,系統會即時從會員帳戶扣除相關獎賞積分。有關申請不可更改或取消,逾期兌換無效及恕不接受追溯申請。
8. 每張訂單只可使用電子禮劵一次。
9. 電子禮劵不可與其他優惠、折扣及現金券同時使用。
10. 電子禮劵不可兌換現金。
11. 電子禮券有效期為30天,逾期或已失效的禮券將不獲補發。

12. 100%LIFE有權隨時修改此兌換獎賞之使用條款而不作另行通知。如有爭議,將以100%LIFE之最終決定為準。


Terms and Conditions

1. Every dollar you spend at 100%LIFE will be converted to 1 loyalty point. delivery charges are not eligible. Loyalty points granted may vary in promotions.
2. Loyalty points accumulated during a calendar year are valid from the effective date until the end of that year Dec 31. Expired loyalty points will be automatically forfeited.
3. Spending records and loyalty points will be issued and updated after fulfillment.
4. Loyalty points are non-transferable and non-divisible, and loyalty points stored in different member account cannot be used in combination.
5. All canceled transactions and shopping refunds will result in the automatic deduction of loyalty points obtained from them, including the extra loyalty points earned from specific promotions.
6. The loyalty point records of 100%LIFE shall prevail. 100%LIFE will not accept any claim of missing loyalty points after transaction.
7. Loyalty point will be deducted from members’ accounts once the redemption is confirmed. The redemption cannot be changed or cancelled, expired offers will not be accepted and no retrospective arrangements will be made.
8. Only one reward eCoupon per order.
9. Reward eCoupon cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion, discount and cash coupons.
10. Reward eCoupon is non-exchangeable for cash.
11. The Reward eCoupon are valid for 30 days, any expired or invalid Reward eCoupon will be forfeited and will not be re-issued.

12. In case of any dispute, 100%LIFE reserves the right of final decision on all related matters.